The Final Four & COPS/Metro

By Jorge Bocanegra

The Final Four, Julián Castro, City Councilwoman Diane Cibrian, Trish DeBerry-Mejia and District 2 Councilwoman Sheila McNeil took part in the COPS/Metro Alliance Dog and Pony show the citizen activist groups call a Candidate Accountability Session. In all honesty, it was major pep rally and they were just using it to push Project Quest.

picture-2It was interesting that Fr. Emil Wesselsky talked about no politicking because the session was being held at St. Henry’s Catholic Church and the so-called separation of Church and State and all that nonsense was the basis for no politicking. Yet, that’s all COPS/Metro did by pushing its agenda under the guise of helping the people. Yeah, right.

But the most entertaining part of the so-called Accountability Session was the response from The Final Four. In the past, candidates before the inquisition could only answer Yes or No. No chance to explain their decision. Ba, se acabó. Not Sunday. Each mayor want-to-be was given 90 seconds.

There were 11 items on the COPS/Metro agenda, all asking for money. Biggest money-needer was the items for Project Quest. In all $3 million. The help me out stuff wasn’t really my concern. I just wanted to hear what the candidates would say to COPS/Metro in 90 seconds.

Castro, DeBerry-Mejia and McNeil seemed the most sensible. Each in his of her way said they couldn’t commit to the request of the $3 million. Their reasoning none had any idea if they would have the money in next year’s city budget and they didn’t want to commit to something they couldn’t deliver.

Not Diane. It took her 10 seconds to say she supported all of the COPS/Metro agenda. However, there was still 80 seconds left and she used them and as usual Cibrian, she went on to say why and there was no lack of the favorite word in her vocabulary. “I.”

Hey, don’t forget. Early Voting is underway and runs through May 5.

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