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It’s Your Turn SA!

You decide SA!!

u4mayor125x125 Early voting starts Monday, San Antonio, and here’s your chance to call the shots! Well… at least we can try…

So far there are four front runners in SA4Mayor’s race, and they have done everything in their power to get Your Vote SA! on the streets, at local public forums, on the paper, on TV, radio and of course online.   And by phone… I don’t know about you, but mine has been ringing all day… and I hate all those “vote solicitors” trying to play friendly.

But let’s go back to our cup of tea for a second… Julian Castro, Diane Cibrian and Trish DeBerry -Mejia have set up websites to get the prospective voter interested.  That said, when opportunity came for Trish to “reach-out-and-touch-someone online,” she was MIA at San Antonio’s first ever Virtual town hall sponsored by the Current and SA4Mayor.com.

Still, kudos to the people behind the campaign’s Internet efforts.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the candidates is now online.

Photo: John Navarrete

Photo: John Navarrete

Well, not everything.  We still don’t know who’s backing who with the big money.  Now these reports are all public record, you know, and anyone can go downtown and find out.  I’m sure you’re heading that way as we speak 🙂 but wouldn’t it be nice if  each candidate posted these financial reports online ? Let’s start with Castro and DeBerry-Mejia accusing each other of misdoings, and conflicts of interests.  And how about Diane… whose many enemies cried foul about developer’s money.  And Sheila…? is she still explaining to WOAI how the city paid for her trip to Obama’s inauguration? And I can go on and on… but hey, you got enough from the candidates on that.

So, let’s go back to you… the voter!  You can go on line, not just to research your candidate, but also give each camp all of your info…. phone number, address, email, etc.  You could even call and talk to the friendly staff, and maybe the candidate, if he or she happens to be there.  I think that is great!!  Yet I wonder if it will be this easy to reach out to, once they get our vote and they are in office.  What do you think?

So back to where we started… nine candidates to pick from, four considered the top runners.  What’s one to do?  Well you can always do Fiesta!, and put your tent under the I-35 a week in advance of the parade…!?!?

But if you care… unlike our interview video posted here, who has not even a clue of who’s running… come Monday is your turn to let Your Voice, Your Cote be heard!

So… You Now Must Decide SA…! between the guy who some say has no “back-bone,” but seems together, strong Ivy League education, smart and a people’s choice,  or the advertising lady with powerful money friends -did we mention former Bush advertising gurus- who claims her business background is the secret to success, and even has a Latino surname, or would it be City Council person #1 who reminds us how she has been paying her dues in office,  seems to be a strong doer, and not just a talker, and/or would it be door number four… Council person #2 who we never really hear much about… her part of town rhett_flagcertainly does not reflect progress, not even her webpage is up… yet seems smart, educated, prepared and always courteous.

Of course you can go unconventional with Madrid who keeps telling us he’s a genius, or Bustamante.. nice guy, means well it seems.   There’s also Capt. something…. does anyone know the guy?

Then again there’s always Rhett.  At least you know where he stands!

Hey, hey…!! It’s a democracy you know.  Just don’t asks KTSA radio they never invite any of these guys to their weekly forums.

Sorry, did I just make things harder for you? Oh well… let’s go to Fiesta then -that is, if the campers under I-35 haven’t taken all the good spots yet, and if I can scrounge $10-$15 for abusive downtown parking fees… in this economy.  Now that’s something the next Mayor can put a stop to

Uhmmmm… I guess I’ll walk to Fiesta, and think about mine, and my city’s future mañana!

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