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Behind the Scenes look @ Virtual Town Hall

behind_scenes_townhallHere’s a behind the scenes look at the 2009 Candidates for Mayor and crew who last night made San Antonio’s first Virtual-Interactive Town Hall Meeting possible.

And the numbers are in…. San Antonio is generating over 30,000 page views a month now for SA4Mayor.com, and last night was no exception. Over 500 combined users joined the LIVE Town Hall webcast last evening with Julian, Diane, Rhett, Napoleon, and Lauro.   Sheila called in sick and DeBerry was no show, but that did not stop San Antonio’s online community.  At one time initial data indicates at least 350 were watching while over 100 LIVE and active online voters were asking questions and interacting on Twitter and a LIVE Chat room.   All throughout, the evening contributed to over 1,500 unique visitors and over 2,000 page views.   To this we add a room packed with a LIVE audience also on site at San Antonio College.  And special thanks to Jose Esquivel a renowned Chicano Artist.  His Piece called Techno Man was on stage as our town hall backdrop.

So Thank you San Antonio from our SA4Mayor.com , SACurrent.com, The Social Media Club, SA and MPR crews who worked day in, day out in the public interest:

SA4Mayor.com – Virtual Town Hall
Patricio Espinoza, Executive Producer & Managing Editor
Jerry Gonzalez, Coordinating Producer – Trigram Pictures
Ed Lozano, Tech Guru & IT – iGoSA.com
Rudy Flores, Director
Todd O’Neill, Technical Director – Doing Media
Kenya Cano, Floor Director
Jaime Vera, Audio – Fuego Films
Matthew Gutierrez, Camera
David Villarreal, Camera
Joe Sandoval, Contributor
Bernessa Jakle Espinoza, Associate Producer – LatinWorks Co.
Jonathan Guajardo, Production Assistant
Anzaldy B Sevilla, Production Assistant
SA Current
Elaine Wolff, Editor, SA Current
Gilbert Garcia, Host, SACurrent
Jaime Monzon, IT, SA Current
Chuck Kerr, Design, SA Current
Social Media Club, San Antonio
Jennifer Navarette, Social Media Club – SA
Luis Sandoval, Social Media Club -SA
Leslie Baldwin, webCaster
Muñoz Public Relations
Cynthia Muñoz
Laura Cardenas Muñoz
Debra Torres
Sandra Muñoz
Facilities Provided by
San Antonio College, RTF Dept.
Markene Bennett, RTF Dept. Chair
Deborah Martin, Public Relations
webCast Powered by
NewTek – Tricaster Studio
Wireless Connections
AT&T Wireless
Intercom System Provided by
Bruce Maniscalco
Speaker’s Timer
Advanced Audio Visual
Luca Ristorante . Enoteca

Techno Man by

Techno Man by Chicano Artist Jose Esquivel

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