The Three Amigos, ¡No Más!

By Jorge Bocanegra, independent contributor

It’s so sad when good things go bad. In this case, The Three Amigos are riding off into the sunset, which by the way is on the West Side and a well-known voter stronghold for Julián Castro. Oops! Is that showing a bias on my part?

Now that District 2 Councilwoman Sheila McNeil is in the mix, the number of viable candidates is up. Since we’re in March and the college hoops are about to get underway, we now have The Final 4.

Let’s see. McNeil told the media when she filed and announced for mayor Monday afternoon that one of her strong suits was her 20 years of public service. She also knows what the city needs to get through this economic downturn, she said. The list of her pluses goes on and on. If you don’t believe me, get a copy of her press release.

Many say the ‘snow ball you-no-where’ has a better chance in the race. Late comer, no known base support and dinero is nowhere to be seen. Of course, McNeil said money doesn’t win elections. Note to Sheila: Talk with Castro about that. Mayor Phil’s $300,000 last-minute loan to his own campaign didn’t hurt.

But in all honesty, McNeil has gotten used to the public trough. It’s easier to get weaned a little bit at a time. However, in McNeil’s case she’s in her last year on city council going cold turkey may be too much.

Help the city through the economic down turn? She could help her district. In her two terms as its council representative people ask about her accomplishments. Street repair? Residents aren’t buying that. Maybe to E. Commerce and E. Houston streets. But those lead to the A-T&T Center, the Mecca of cultural appeal on the East Side.

Note to Sheila: BRAC didn’t come to your district because you were its councilwoman. Now that it’s here, what have you done to ensure it doesn’t get mired? Have you laid out a plan to improve the infrastructure surrounding Ft. Sam Houston and Brook Army Medical Center?

About the only thing that put her on the map as a doer, was her ability to sell off Healy-Murphy Park.

So many questions and so little space.

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