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Bloggers Unite… for a cause.

bloggersuniteMany of you asked… and  now we can official confirm: the guys at BloggersUnite.org have no interest in politics, but in one thing only… allowing the power of bloggers and social media to come together.

“..citizens no longer use CNN or local TV as their news sources ” T. Berkman, BloggersUnite.org”

Proof of that is SA4Mayor.com with now about 18,000 page views a month in only 4 short weeks.  And so, the growing influence of Social Media has prompted Mayoral candidates to reach out and “Twitt someone” or Blog for that matter.

Recently, the Julian Castro campaign announced a Bloggers for Castro and the DeBerry-Mejia camp soon followed with a Twitter Day.   At least one of the candidates is using a local site to recruit their on-line troops, and when the invitation went out, many of our bloggers and social media gurus couldn’t help but wonder if this was some kind of an endorsement.  So SA4Mayor.com took it to task, and we catch up with Tony Berkman, CEO of BloggersUnite.org  who explains his site is neutral and open to all parties.  And in our interview he extends an invitation to other candidates.

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3 Responses to “Bloggers Unite… for a cause.”

  1. Hi nice site I have to first say I like Julian Castro but basically all politicians are the same old story. I wanted to say that as a blogger living here in San Antonio and not from here originally that the biggest difference between here and where I’m from is people look out for each other.Everyone has their own agenda and it’s sad. I actually use part of the money I make to help homeless and have written about that major downtown problem. I reached out to countless people here and have been disappointed but when I’m walking into the bank the disappointment often fades. I’m used to having REAL friends and being around REAL people sadly that is one thing that I have found lacking here in San Antonio 🙂
    Good luck with the site
    and just for the record I have seen all the blogs in San Antonio none can compare or are making as much money as I am Believe that.
    It’s just sad cause I had alot to offer people but they were to BUSY oh well 🙂

  2. sa4mayor says:

    Thank you for the comment Gylon

  3. I think that Tony has it right. This is not just about endorsing a mayor it is about endorsing an idea and giving a voice to bloggers.

    We no longer have to be sheeple that are easily led, bloggers and social media junkies can make the news and shape the landscape of media.


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