NO Live Tonight from KTSA-550AM

KTSA Roundtable to feature today 4-5pm Mayoral Candidates. KTSA’s Kevin Wall will host. Tune in to 550AM or watch the LIVE webcast only here Program will run from 4 pm to 5 pm.

** Yes our screen is BLANK! blankWe had planned on bringing you this news event, unfortunately due to events out of our control we were not able to do so. had made prior arrangements with a KTSA Executive Producer. Our crew was at KTSA studio there timely.  We were there so ahead of other media that our crew event help KTSA staff to set-up their lights. However, when other local TV stations showed up, each was escorted in swiftly while our crew was not.  Is this a double standard? Why are other local media given priority by KTSA-550AM?

It should be noted that is a credentialed news and information site, and that ALL Mayoral candidates have recognized the reach and importance of the on-line audience community in San Antonio. Yet KTSA ignored our crew, disregarding we were there before anyone else letting in fact other media in, BUT NOT our crew until later, until it was too late for us to bring this roundtable to you, our audience.   While we understand this event may just reflect poor news judgment of one individual and not station management or Kevin Wall, we find it important to express our disappointment on behalf of thousands in our on-line community who had looked forward to this news event.  Our calls to KTSA management have gone un-returned.

Perhaps next time our friends at KTSA do what’s best for our community and not KTSA.

UPDATE: Later today we spoke to Rosemary Scott, who deeply apologizes for what she called “a legitimate” concern.  In fact it is. Thank you.

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